Volunteering with VictimSupport

Victim-Support-logoWork placements are difficult for any law student to find in such an overly saturated industry. But what I learnt only a few months ago is that any work experience in a team dynamic will definitely boost your applications to any vacation schemes or secondments; and even more so if it’s unpaid work.

Victim Support is a non-profit organisation funded by the Police and Crime Commissioners, which provides a free and confidential service to anyone affected by crime in the country. There case workers are trained in areas from domestic violence to hate crime. Most of the ground work is carried out by their volunteers, and they can’t do the job without us.

I have been volunteering for VS for three months now, and already I have met victims of criminal damage, assault and actual bodily harm. Not only is it engaging my knowledge of criminal law, but developing my listening skills and problem-solving skills. There will always be needs that must be identified to ensure proper service delivery.

I suppose managing case loads and pages and pages of confidential information is not so different from working in a law firm after all. Except we’re paid in that warm and fuzzy inside feeling rather than a 5 figure salary.

Anyway – if you are interested in helping out, Victim Support is regularly taking on board new-starters. Click here to see how you can help.


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