Results Day

ALevel-Results-DayResults day is a day to celebrate or to commiserate; with thousands of students receiving results that they may or may not have expected. Some students will need to take resits and some will be ready to proceed onto their next year. They say that the most important thing is to stay positive no matter what, but that might be difficult for students with shattered dreams.

A core theme in this blog is that any worthy candidate must concentrate on their own progression, and not that of their peers. If you’re one who actively uses social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, you might start feeling isolated by the success of other students. But remember that you’re not the only one in despair; because people do not shout about weak grades for all to see. If you’re going to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, a vulnerable self-esteem will to some extent inhibit your recovery process. It’s time to start looking at your options instead and putting together an action plan which will focus on your weaknesses and preserve your strengths.

Don’t be embarrassed about getting support. Studying at university can be a stressful time for many and the organisations are fully prepared in this respect. There are professional councillors on hand to help students look at their options and get back on their feet. If you’re not so comfortable unloading on a stranger, seek the support of friends and family; don’t go it alone.

Stay positive, there may have been areas where you excelled, and make sure you appraise those successes. When I first looked at my grades, I was instantly disappointed by my 2:1 grade for my Human Rights module. But when I flipped the coin, I realised that I should be recognising my success in other modules. Also, universities often provide a life-line for students who did well in some assessments than in others. Resits are a great opportunity to learn from mistakes and make a fresh start, don’t be embarrassed to take advantage of them. Always look on the bright side!

If you did do great and you got the grade you expected, then well done you and give yourself a big pat on the back. But remember, don’t let confidence make you complaisant!

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