Day One

I arrived for the first day, and I feel like I am in Birmingham’s own interpretation of the Canary Wharf. KPMG and Barclay’s are adjacent from the office.


So I aforementioned that I would not be able to disclose any information that I would be handling throughout the day. When I first signed the confidentiality agreement, my initial thought was that this was just bureaucracy. Well was I wrong? The first papers my eyes laid upon had blown all of my expectations straight out of the window. Confidentiality is no joke, there is some highly sensitive data being dealt with by the office work force.

So the days events included the following: induction, health and safety procedure, reading through ongoing case briefs, shadowing a ‘hand-over’ of a case, compiling a condensed memo of a recent statutory instrument, reading through one very thick drafted contract, and eating half price Greggs in the kitchen area – obviously. So as brief as it may be, these were not the ‘clerical’ and ‘administrative’ roles which I had expected to be carrying out. That’s not actually a bad thing, because I have seen from other students’ observations that a week in a law firm sounds like ‘folder X in cabinet Y please’ and ‘tea two sugars tah’.

All in all, today has been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to meet a very diverse team of different areas of law, who have been very friendly and warm. I am definitely happy to be here in Birmingham right now, with McDonalds on the left and my 4OD programme ‘HUMANS’ on the right.

Night folks! #SHMA

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