Day Two

So not a great start today, I mistook the start time for 9:30, but that was only for day one! I still managed to arrive on time but without a fulfilling breakfast!

So the first task before us today was to prepare materials for a seminar on the implementation of new regulations for clients. This included extracting the relevant information from national archive guidance notes for use in a presentation. Lots of research involved!

In between the day’s events there was plenty of time for chit chat about the work of our colleagues – and it was really nourishing to be sat with people who are so interested in legal processes.

After lunch (greggs again), we were put to the task of drafting up a contract for the client. I know you will laugh, but I actually found it very exciting! It was great to be able to put my knowledge from my degree level contract law module to an actual task. The process involved amending schedules and clauses to suit the needs of the client, which actually proved to be quite challenging.

I don’t want this week to end, I am in my natural habitat. #SHMA

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