Life as a Law ‘Fresher’

Being a student who has fled the nest in search of independence and freedom, you can not be prepared enough for what university life has to offer. You have to be an accountant, cleaner, student, academic, prospective professional, family member, close friend and flatmate. Some people handle these roles well, and others not so well. Here’s how well I managed – my best and my worst moments.

10653672_352752834900982_6993552602407566757_nMoving in day

So move in day came, and to that I learned that I would be living on the fourth floor and there were no elevators. This was a task and a half. If you’re moving into halls, I suggest you bring storage boxes and find out if the halls have elevators. You could come up with some pully-system, but for health and safety best not.

The flat ‘mates’1970937_352751574901108_6754562031971258794_n

It was fair to say that by the end we were all glad to be departing our own separate ways, put it that way. But amazing to think that in the first week you all thought you would be BFFL’s for life – no pal that was the alcohol talking.

Take away nights are justifiable1511164_377304352445830_4681001006364698766_n

Because you’re a student and you’re on limited funds, taking advantage of student deals at the local takeaway has always been OK. How do you get a 12 inch pizza for £3? I doubt it was real cheese. It’s better than eating pasta every day put it that way.

Freshers flu1601572_409260182583580_8786931550831617133_n

If you’ve never heard of freshers flu, god save you. Being crammed in a room full of 200 students and little ventilation does not sound promising, especially when a fair fraction of those students are from across the globe. Here is the meeting place of every strain of flu in existence, and it gives birth to the god forsaken ‘freshers flu’. Mine turned into bronchitis and could only be defeated by this aggressive antibiotic which is not so easy keep down once down.

10537984_378053782370887_6228907308272402934_nOfferee or offeror?

Two words guaranteed to come up on the spell checker every time. Are they really words, and which way around were they again? This post it note were the stabilisers to my academic bike, which I did not learn to ride without until the end of the semester.

The Law Fair11018633_434657560043842_5930485940008964074_n

An ample opportunity for every scrimping student to get their hands on free stationary and kitchenware. The cost – scrubbing up well and getting your name out to the local firms.


Get suited – it’s time for court

The ‘moot’, a moment where students become lawyers for the day to show how good they are at manipulating the truth. Some dreading it, some loving it. Me? Loving it obviously. ‘May it please you ma’am, my name is Ross Simmons and I represent the prosecution’.


Put the kettle on and get your onesie on. Who wants to be writing up essays and reading Factortame when you’ve got all seasons of Breaking Bad at the click of a button. Here’s a few words of wisdom, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, pick the right time to start, not half way through semester 2!


Law students don’t have time to play ‘dress up’

Wrong! Here’s a picture of me, Koula and Agha in Nottingham at the Galleries of Justice. A ‘school trip’ is always the best ice breaker for freshers. I assure you this trip was educational and our coursework depended on it!


Six letters which bring up images of those only seen in nightmares. Really, it wasn’t that bad. Keep you’re referencing guide to hand and you can’t go wrong. Oh, and if you catch yourself using ‘ibid’, you’re officially an OSCOLA pro.

988942_423175044525427_434133584759596386_nThe ‘law’ trip to London

Probably the most non-law related trip you’ve been on. Most universities or their societies offer this unique experience to see the judges in the central courts. Of course we did just that, but who goes to London without riding the underground or getting a taste of the cocktails in Soho?

So those were my best and worst moments from my first year as a law student. How about your best and worst moments? Comment below – I want to know!

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