Why Law?


So the other day I decided to give training contract applications a go, just to practice and see what kind of questions they ask. I came across  “Why have you chosen a career in law?” with great difficulty. I thought this was ample opportunity to think about why I wanted to practice law.


For many, money is the first reason to go into a career in law. However, since I started considering a career in law, I knew just how gloomy the market could be by the time I reach it. Already the paralegals are taking the place of many conventional solicitors, and some are getting paid up and above. Although money should never be the first reason to go into law, you have to work to live, and nearly all firms offer an adequate living wage.


I suppose this element toys with pride in many respects. I think it is reasonable to say that some people will follow careers that have added social status. But also, many students have an expectation of themselves to please their family and friends. With both of my sisters going to university and doing well, the pressure has always existed for me to go to university. I also suppose that there was also added pressure from being from a working class background.


Law and ethics are an uneasy topic, but it is fact that solicitors have to act with integrity, honesty and in upholding the rule of law. I do not want to criminalise myself in saying this, but I was a nasty child when I was younger and didn’t I know it. Throughout high school, I do not struggle to admit that I was a delinquent who never pushed as hard with my GCSEs as I did with my A-Levels. Personally, I feel that a career in law has aided my betterment as a person, makes me more valuable to society, and has done my family proud.


A career in law can go in any direction because of the industry’s vast landscape of areas in law. I am sure that many like me fear the idea of a ‘quarter-life crisis’, where one finds themselves locked in a job with a degree which is useful for only one thing. Law offers so many fall-back opportunities, which is definitely an attraction in my view.

Helping Others?

Helping others is the cornerstone to my career in law. I’ve always participated in forums and Q&A sites trying to help people find answers to their questions. Since a young child, I was always know to be asking too many questions, and now I want to help answer them. I appreciate that I cant provide the cure for cancer or reform the Civil Procedure Rules, but if I can help and reassure someone in some small way, I would go home feeling accomplished.

I appreciate that this is not the most coherent post on the blog to date, yet I have endeavoured to explain to the best of my ability. Otherwise, I hope this information serves you well in deciding on your career, and possibly one in law.

Why did you choose law? – comment below

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