A day with Aspiring Solicitors

Earlier this morning I was whisked away to the amazing capital city, London. Today I would be featuring in Aspiring Solicitors new campaign video emphasising on diversity in the legal profession. The organisation plays a strong role in opening up the legal profession to people of all backgrounds. You can find out more about what they do by clicking here

I arrived at London Euston early in the afternoon, where Liam was waiting for me. Although my friend is moving back to University tomorrow, I did not dare to navigate the London Underground alone. We caught the northern line and went exploring around Westminster (my favourite place) for some lunch. McDonalds obviously. 


After lunch, Liam left to run his errands while I met Chris White and other aspiring solicitors from different backgrounds, and definitely not from the Preston area. I seemed to be the only one to travel so far!

Chris had appointed a PR company to direct and shoot the new campaign video, who I had the pleasure of working with. Now I don’t think it is fair that I ruin the surprise for you guys, but the video involved running around London in Aspiring Solicitors hoodies and shorts. Ask no more, you will see soon when I will share the published video here on my blog – it will be the corner stone to my webpage for some time. Oh, and I got to keep the hoodie!

 After a brief shoot around an hour or so, Chris wanted to take us to his local or second office. He was a very kind and inspiring person and treated us all to a round of drinks. We had the opportunity to mingle with each other as law students from different corners of the country – fair to say an invaluable experience!
After drinks, me and Liam took the DLR to Canary Warf for dinner at Pizza Express. With students 40% off, we treated ourselves to three courses – and a beer. By the way, the tiramisu is highly recommended. 

A brilliant end to a fantastic day, and it flew by so quickly! As I write this from the Virgin Pendilino crossing the Midlands, good night and thanks for reading!

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