Finding my motivation


I thought that this was a topic worth exploring as it seems that a lot of students are digressing on social media about how much of a struggle it can be to motivate one’s self. This post is not really a helpful rubric for finding your own motivation as it focuses primarily on my own personal struggles.

So, thinking back to A-levels at Preston College. Motivation meant giving up things I loved for the things I loved more. After my first unit one exams, I received one of the biggest shocks of my life. I had achieved a D in LAW01 and E in ACCN01 – and I felt pretty mugged off! Of course I cried down the phone to my mother; I sank to the thought that I just was not intelligent enough.

After brewing on it, I decided to ‘pick myself up and dust myself off’ and get on with it. I made some pretty rigorous changes to my routine, namely making more of an effort to attend college (which was just under a two hour journey), I stayed behind after college in the library, I stopped going to town with my friends in lunch break, I locked myself in my room with a list of revision items every night.

I went to the extent of dropping A-level photography after my first year, despite being awarded an AS Level grade B. I made a very hard decision and gave up a hobby so that I could focus on my academia.

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I put myself in to resit my first accounting exam, and pulled my grade up from E to A. I realised then that it was not a case of being intelligent, but a case of putting in the time and effort and persevering with everything you have.  I resat my first law exam in the second year, and I pulled the grade up from a D to an A. I was able to attend more sessions with my tutors to work on my strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the final exams. The more I perceived, the stronger I became. Looking back on those two years; now I have reputable A-level grades, a place in a good university, and a 1st classification in my first year of a law degree.

I think the issue with many young adults starting their own path in life is ignorance. Life surely gives you lemons, but its up to you to make the lemonade with them. How you do that is entirely up to you, but it is done by you alone.

My final tips

1. I will openly admit, some tutors used learning styles which never gelled with me. But I never depended on them to get me the good grades, so sometimes I taught myself. I made flash cards and flow charts and so forth. You need to take your work home with you!

2. Put up a good fight. If it knocks you down, just get back up again. If you find joy in what it is you do, you will not give up after the first knock out.

3. Be objective. It is too easy to be subjective and assume that you are working hard enough. Are you sure that you are giving it 100%, or are you watching too much Netflix?

4. Do not doubt yourself. You are a human being, already an intelligent species. Make use of those lobes and put yourself into 5th gear.

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