Personality: Don’t fake it, make it!

I live by this article… worth a read for prospective trainees!

The Inbound Recruiter


How can you get across your personality whilst also highlighting your skills and legal experience on the application form? Here I share my top tips on how you can enhance your employability by developing your personality.

When I read application forms, I like to see some personality. Candidates that do this well always stand out from the crowd. But how do you show your personality on paper, I hear you ask? It’s not easy. And you may think it’s something best demonstrated at an interview. Well think again, because the first hurdle to a career in law is almost always an online application form, so selling your personal brand to the recruiter, even at this very early stage, is vital.

So, what will make the recruiter take notice? With more than 22,000* people studying law each year, you’ll need something truly unique to help you stand out.

That’s where your…

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